Join us together with other like minded entrepreneurs for an adventure to the place where everything is possible!


Explore different culture and different adversity to spark your new ideas. Opportunities to turn acquaintance into friends into business associates.

See The World As It Is

Traveling can open your eyes to so many things. You get a feel for the culture as it is, speak the native language, immersed in the societal elements of the very country you travel in. Lurking behind these random experiences are business ideas.

Importing & Exporting Ideas

When you travel around you see these glaring differences in behavior, customs, ethics and other things. But you can also see common grounds where you can build your business model on.

Cross Cultural Improvement

A traveling entrepreneur able to see the world in a viewfinder. It allows them to enhance their business instincts and form interesting business ideas that go above and beyond what they see every day. Traveling allows new experiences and a new take on activities.

Find Fulfilment & Significance

Traveling can also motivate entrepreneurs to address a pressing social issues to places they visit. It pushes them to take action and enabled them to create innovative ideas with a sense of fulfillment that not always includes monetary value.

Learn New Things

A traveling entrepreneur must avail themselves to new ideas. The best thing that you can do is to have an open mind and just explore and learn around the country that you travel in.

Create Business Value

Traveling the world is exciting. As an entrepreneur, this excitement has a unique dimension – seeing the world through a different lens. This mean having a better perspective while handling your business, its processes and its selling points.


Nothing is permanent so does the world, things keep changing every day. Travel is a moment. Moment is life. In the end, we all share the same destination. So after all, life is not anything but a journey. Travel with us. Find out more here!!!



The concept behind GoTravelpreneur is simple; it enable the like-minded and proactive people – entrepreneurs, innovators, influencers and more – to connect with each other while we travel the world together, and share incredible experiences. Combining amazing people with adventure and experiences that will change the perspective and mindset of ours by coming out of our comfort zone. This way we will be able to understand ourselves and the world better. We don’t define entrepreneurs the traditional way. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or already running a big company, if you have a positive and proactive mindset, we would love to travel with you. Imagine being out there with a bunch of brilliant like minded entrepreneurs; together exploring places, indulging in delicacies and cuisines, learning from different communities and discovering new culture, endless conversations and total relaxation.

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